Sunday, July 17, 2011

Midnight Beckons Me...

Midnight...the quietest time of the day, the most peaceful time of the day. All in my house are slumbering while I am up greeting my old friend. Midnight…half way between the dark and the light.

Most of us should be asleep for hours, but sometimes for me...not so. The dark should frighten me, but sometimes for me...not so. The light should beckon me, but sometimes for me...not so.

I long for the quiet. I long for the peace. I long for the dark. I long for the light, but not just yet...tonight.

Standing outside, the silence and the darkness provides comfort like my favorite blanket wrapped around me, keeping me safe from all that hovers above. Most evenings, I rarely see the stars in the sky as the fog drifts in off the Pacific Coast adding to the allure of Midnight.

Midnight oh Midnight, why do you beckon me so? I need to rest yet your call keeps me awake, reminding me of those nights long ago when sleep for me was so elusive. How can I not answer? You were such a true friend back then as you are now; always there for me, consistently and without fail. Maybe you know something I do not. Maybe somewhere deep down, I need you more than sleep this night.

Midnight…halfway between the dark and the light. Surround me with quiet, bring your peace and share your comfort with me...again...tonight.

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  1. "Maybe somewhere deep down, I need you more than sleep this night."

    Great line!

    I love midnight and the hours that follow it--the peacefulness, the solemn stillness, the solitude, even. Mmmmm.

  2. I love midnight--I could relate well to this post...sometimes sleep just has to wait! Cheers, Jenn

  3. Love this, you have encapsulated the magic and mystery of Midnight.

  4. This was so nice! Midnight is truly a special and quiet time.

  5. How beautifully written! I love it. I also love midnight and it's pull to me. I am at peace and I come alive as midnight overcomes me.

  6. Great personification of midnight!


  7. Midnight oh Midnight, why do you beckon me so? ahHA midnight always teaches.. : ) and we sleep when we finally "got it" hehe this was interesting to it..thank you for sharing!

  8. I'm a night owl. I long for the solitude that night brings. My husband goes to bed around 11 pm nightly, then I have my alone time that I treasure so very much. I completely understand.

  9. That was lovely. Midnight really can be peaceful and a time to take stock on what the day has brought and what tomorrow might bring.