Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Blogger Snafu

Dear Today's Working Woman Fans and Friends,

I have been having issues with Blogger and a huge "snafu" occurred last night while I was in the middle of updating my 52 Weeks, 52 Books page. I lost half of my work that was already saved from previous updates. I will be taking down this page and will in order to do a major update. With a little diligence I should have it restored soon.

Thanks so much for your support and patience and I will be back to reading and reviewing soon!

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Monday, September 26, 2011

BFF 127 The Wizard of Oz - "There's No Place Like Home"

The Wizard of Oz evokes so many fond memories for me. I watched it every year as a child. Didn't everyone? Now as an adult, I am able to watch the movie and see that there is so much more to it.

There is a significant part of this movie that tugs at my heart, and that is Dorothy wanting to go home.

Home. There's no place like home.

I have had a few homes in my lifetime, probably about ten so far. Some I remember and some that I do not, but there was one that was always the home to me.

This one in particular is near and dear to my heart as it is the one where I spent the most time. It was our family home out in the middle of the country. We had over an acre of land (unheard of these days) and because I was the only daughter, I had my own room. It was my sanctuary. I spent a lot of time in that room listening to music, playing my guitar, watching television and reading. It was my personal space until I was 22. Then I moved out, but I always called it home, even after I was married.

Years later, after I moved to California, my parents called me to tell me they sold the family homestead. I was devastated. I wanted to buy it from them, but I didn't know how and they had already sold it to someone else by the time they told me. No longer would I be able to sit at the kitchen table and have dinner. No longer would I be able to play pool in the basement. No longer would I be able to look out the window of my bedroom and watch the storms during the rainy season.

My husband had to remind me that the home where I had grown up was no longer my home. And most of all, it hadn't been my home in a really long time. Wow! That was a revelation. He was right. All these years I had thought of that ranch house on West Road as my home, but it really wasn't my home anymore.

I have some wonderful memories and pictures of that place. (I really need to transfer them to digital...but that's a winter project!) However, after ten years and a lot of contemplation later, I am happy to say that I am now comfortable with the fact that my home is with my husband. I don't know where we will end up, but I have to say, there really is no place like long as I am with him.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mystery Photo Sunday

I can't believe it's Sunday again. Here's the mystery photo of the week:

For those of you that were wondering about last week's photo, check out the original below:

The Hawaiian Nene

Good luck and I look forward to your guesses!
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Who Am I to Judge?

I woke up early this morning, turned on my computer and anxiously awaiting for the internet to connect. I logged into my blog and clicked on the link for One Stop Blog World and checked out today's Sunday writing challenge.

To my surprise, the prompt for today was Judgment. Wow! If there was ever a topic I could right about, this was it.

The dictionary indicates that "Judgment" is the forming of an opinion, estimate, notion, or conclusion, as from circumstances presented to the mind.

All morning I thought about what I was going to write, and while my thoughts took me in many directions, my heart wanted to say this.

In one form or another, we all make a judgment about something every day. No one is immune to it, least of all me. I use products and services, watch certain television programs or movies, read certain books, eat a specific type of food, drive a particular car, etc., merely because I have an opinion about it.

Maybe we chose to do certain things because we have read about it. I read reviews about all sorts of things from restaurants to books. I even write and have had my own reviews published. I have an "opinion" about things, because I have either used them, experienced them, or have gotten to know them in one way or another. For lack of a better word, I have had an "intimate" relationship with them.

What happens, though, when we have an opinion about a particular person? Do we "judge" them because they are fat, thin, tall, or short? What about their skin/hair color, or how they dress? Do we decide to be friends with them because they are popular, rich or live in particular part of town?

Sadly, the answer to all of these questions is probably yes. Why? Because we failed to make a connection with or have failed to have a close or "intimate" relationship with the person before we passed judgment over them. Now, I realize that we can't do that with every single person we encounter. That would be an unrealistic expectation (and another excellent topic for which to write.)

It doesn't excuse the fact, however, that we have just caused a grave injustice by passing judgment on someone before we get to know them. We then make it worse by telling everyone we know so that they will have the same opinion. And to top it all off, we took away the rights of those people to form their "own" opinions in addition to taking away the rights of the person to whom that opinion is being form.

With that being said, I could have written a bitter diatribe about all of those people who have passed judgment over me before they got to know me. Seriously I could write volumes. But, who am I to judge? If I did, then I would be doing the same thing to them that they did to me.

It has taken me a long time to understand why, but admittedly, a favor was performed here. Their judgment of me taught me a valuable lesson - the importance of remaining true to myself. Their opinions don't really mean anything to me because it is my own opinion of myself that counts the most. If only I could have realized it then, maybe I wouldn't have spent so much of my younger years in sadness. I am not sad least not for myself.

So, would you like to get to know me? I would really like that if you would. If not, I won’t judge you because you didn’t.

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

BFF 126 What Do I Love?

What do I love? Hmmm...or should I say, who do you love...

Sorry! I couldn't help myself! As soon as I read the topic for BFF 126, this song automatically popped into my head! I'm not kidding! Seriously!

Ok, now that I have that out of the way, what do I love?

First and foremost, I would have to say my husband. Without him, I honestly don't know where I would be. He saved my life...

Second, I love my family, mom, dad, Sonny Boy and Bubba (my secret nicknames for my brother and his wife...please don't tell them though!), Ann & Gail, Daniel & Deborah and the rest of what is left of my extended family.

Third, well I would have to say that would be my dearest friends of which I can probably count on one hand. Shelli, Angie, Liz, Debbie and Rona. That's five and all on one hand. I have other friends, but these five I know I can always count on for anything. Love you guys!

The rest of my's a short list:

Music - Couldn't live without's in my soul.
Chocolate - I wouldn't be able to survive with out it.
Baking - I'm so happy it's Fall again. I can start whipping up all those delicious treats!
Writing - I think I finally found what I have been looking for...and it has been staring at me all along!
My new Writing Buddies - You guys rock!
Reading - I can never get enough books.
Ocean/Beach - And if I am able to camp at the beach near the ocean...I'm in heaven!
Camping - Enough said!
The smell of the outdoors after a good rain shower.
A fire on a cold winter's night.
The invention of the DVD player and some other fun electronic gadgets! I swear someone was thinking of me and my love to watch things over and over and over and over and over...well, I think you get the picture!
The crunching sound of the snow as you walk through the woods.
Rainbows, and if I'm really lucky, a Double Rainbow!
My fluffy pillow and a snuggly quilt that I cocoon up in every night.
Peace and contentment - I finally found it and I am truly happy.

This list could go on for awhile, so I will end it here, but want to say one more thing. I rarely, if at all, talk about this, but I do love the Big Man Upstairs. He's been there for me in good times and bad, and always, Always, helps me find my way.

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Change within a Comfortable and Safe World

Photo by jeanniner9/ 
It's finally Fall! I love this time of year because it's the beginning of My Season. Cooler temperatures, the harvest, yummy food, decorations, the holidays, creativity and giving all wrapped up into a nice little comfortable and cuddly package.

For those of you who don't know, I am a creature of habit. I freely admit it. I have often wondered why this is and after much thought, and a lot of time, I have come up with only one possible and logical answer. I like to feel comfortable.

Growing up in a sheltered and protective environment afforded me the opportunity to create my own safe and comfortable world. Not much changed within this world and I was fairly happy. I found things that I liked to do, read, watch, eat, wear and I rarely strayed from them. Comfortable for me equals happiness. Truthfully, all I ever wanted is to be happy.

Now I am not afraid of change, as I've experienced a lot of it in my life. I got married, moved and started a new job all within a two-week period. But the truth is, no matter where I am, I always go back to my comfortable ways.

Predictable? Maybe. Boring? Never! Why do you ask? Because every once in awhile, I secretly like to shake things up. It's one of my guilty pleasures! I'll try something new and if I don't like it, well...I don't ever have to go back to it. My comfortable and safe world is none the worse for wear. If I do like it, then I have something new to enjoy along with the other things in my life that make me happy. And with everything that I have been thru this past year, I deserve to be happy!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I can't believe I took this photo...

Vineyards in Healdsburg, CA near my home.

...more importantly, I can't believe I live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet!

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Monday, September 19, 2011

BFF 125 Secrets

Sometimes things just speak to me...this is one of those times.

Secrets by OneRepublic

I need another story
Something to get off my chest
My life gets kinda boring
Need something that I can confess
'Til all my sleeves are stained red

From all the truth that I've said
Come by it honestly I swear
Thought you saw me wink, no
I've been on the brink, so

Tell me what you want to hear
Something that will light those ears
Sick of all the insincere
So I'm gonna give all my secrets away

With no secrets, there is nothing left to hide. What you see is all there is of me. This is who I am. I'm not going to disappear. I am here to stay.

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Loyalty Like No Other

I see you standing over there. Can you see me over here? Will I have to compete to get your attention, or can I just sit over here and wait for you?

Do I look like the others? Close, but not really. Do I act like the others? Sometimes, but I am just being me.

Go ahead and mingle. It's okay, I know my time is next. When you're done, I will be ready for you.

In the meantime, I like watching you. You seem really nice. While I'm thinking "You're the one!", you finally look up and smile at me.

I get up and walk over to you. You do the same. We look at each other and smile again. I know this is it. I speak and you laugh. This is it, it is finally my chance! You turn and walk away, but stop and look back. You call out to me and I run to you happily.

I know I will miss my home, but I'm so excited to be leaving.

As I look out the window and say goodbye to the past, I look up at you and make this pledge for our future:

I will protect you while you sleep,
and I will be here when you wake.
I will forewarn you of troubles,
and be there for you alone.
I will wait here when you go away,
and I will be here when you return.
I will kiss your face when you cry,
and I will comfort you in our embrace.
I will follow you wherever you roam 
and I will remain loyal to you alone.
I will love you unconditionally,
and I will be your best friend.
I will stay with you forever,
until it is my time to go.

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mystery Photo Sunday

It's time once again for Mystery Photo Sunday. Can anyone guess what this is?

For those of you that were wondering about last week's photo, check out the original below:

Beautiful Arbor at Lake Sonoma Overlook.

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

BFF 124 - Somewhere Over the Rainbow

There's nothing better than a rainbow...except a double rainbow!
I love the sound of the rain. Whenever I hear it, I think about the cleansing and the nourishment it brings. I also think about something else...rainbows.

In the best of conditions, rain showers produce this spectacular phenomenon. Rainbows are mystical, magical and powerful. And, I have to admit, for most of my adult, married life, I have relied on the power of the rainbow to get me through the tough times. They have been my source of inspiration and good luck for a long, long time.

It's funny. It seemed like every time I saw one, something good would happen shortly thereafter. For awhile there, I saw one practically every day. I even got my husband into the act. He would spot one for me and then point it out so I wouldn't miss seeing it. A warm feeling washed over me at every siting. I knew that things in my life would turn out great. I believed it.

Then one day, the rainbows vanished.

So did my good luck.

Sadly it was right around the time of  "the big storm". I yelled out into the raging winds, "Sure, you're taking everything else away from me. Why not take away the rainbows too!"

I was really being sarcastic because truthfully, at this point, I was beyond p.o.'d with everything. I lost faith in myself and I stopped believing. Unfortunately, "somebody" must have heard me, because the rains continued, and the rainbows, well...they were definitely gone. Gone...for a long...long...while. I honestly didn't think they were ever going to come back.

I was never more depressed in my whole life. Now what?

"Ok. Deep breathe...relax. Hang on, everything is going to get better. I promise." I said this mantra over and over, every day, until I started to believe it.

Then one day, my husband yelled up the stairs to me, "Quick, look outside Susan!"

I ran down the stairs as fast as I could without breaking something, put my shoes on, grabbed my camera and flew out the front door.

There it was. My beautiful rainbow...back from wherever it went. A wave a relief washed over me. I snapped photo after photo (see the one above). I jumped up and down like a school girl. I was so happy! I shouted to the world! Even one of the neighbors came out to see...she must have thought I was crazy! I didn't care. They're back...they're back...THEY'RE BACK! just hit a ton of bricks. Right at that very moment, I had just finally...finally figured it out.

The rainbows came back because I believed in them again. I believed in me...again. I let out a deep breathe and I said a silent "thank you".

I love rainbows. I always will. that rain I hear? I think I'll get my camera ready...

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Riding the Open Road - Just Me and My Bike

Photo by Doug M. “Dublin Century bike ride 03.20.11” 
It's early morning and I'm ready. Just me, my bike and the road. (Actually... it's me, my bike, the road and about 100 others just like me; but in my head, it's just me, my bike and the road!)

What a long week to get here...I hope I have the energy to make it through. I won't think about it. I just want to ride.

Riding the open road...just me and my bike. Freedom. No phones...completely unplugged. Serenity.

Whooooosh...and I'm off. Letting all other thoughts go for the moment, I concentrate on finding my rhythm. It won't take long.

Whoooosh...whooosh...whoosh and...ahhhhh...finally.

There is just something about being out here...just me and my bike, on the perfect date with the road.

I didn't have to stand in front of the mirror and wonder what the road is going to think about my outfit. Nor do I have to make small talk or look for common interests just so my bike and I can "make a connection" with the road.

The road doesn't care what I look like or if I put on makeup this morning. It doesn't care how old I am. Best of all, I don't feel uncomfortable when my bike and I are with the road because when I am here, riding my bike, the road lets me show it who I really am.

My bike and I can always call on the road whenever we need it; whether it has been a couple of hours or a couple of weeks. It's always there for us...always there for me providing the fuel I need to make it through to the next time I need to go out on a date with the road again. Don't worry...I'll bring my bike along...I always do!

My bike and the road...they've done more for me than you possibly know. Taken me past places that I can't normally get to when I drive my car. Seeing the beautiful countryside allows me to clear my head of all the negative energy that builds up during the week. I breathe in and out with every push I make on the pedals. Most people would say this is work, but to me, this is relaxing and peaceful.

As for the road...the only thing that it cares about is that I am here with it...right this very moment...with my bike. I let the road take me away from all my worries. The road is happy because it's done it's job.

I'm happy too.

I continue to's just me, my bike, the road (and the hundred others!). I wonder if my bike and I should make another date with the road...the upcoming week is going to be really hectic. Yeah...I'm thinking we're going to need to see each other again.

Next weekend, maybe.

This time though, it's just going to be the three of us. I have this feeling we're going to have a lot to discuss.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sunday, September 11, 2011

That Day In September

I felt I would be remiss if I didn't at least say something...I have been trying to push this day out of my sight and mind for a long time. But the truth is, I can't. About seven weeks ago, I was asked to review a book for another fairly well-known website. It was called, That Day in September by Artie Van Why. It was a personal account from someone who was actually there, inside the Twin Towers, when they were struck by the two airplanes and ultimately collapsed.

Needless to say, I was apprehensive about reading the book. No, let's just be honest here. I was afraid. I was afraid to bring up the past and go thru the hurt all over again. I had been dealing with so many other things, was I really ready to go here and add to the pain I was already feeling? No. But I had to face my fears. I had to find the courage. What is the expression?  I think it goes something like this..."Courage isn't the absence of of fear, it's taking action in the face of it."

So I took action and agreed to read the book. My review can be read here.

My fear has not been washed away. I haven't been able to watch regular television or listen to the radio all weekend. I have read very little on the internet; mostly I've been writing and trying to forget, but I can't. I am angry that there is not a single thing that I can do to bring back the lives that we have lost and return them to their loved ones. I grieve for their families and all of us who are left behind. I can never erase the images out of my mind, nor will anyone else. I feel helpless...I am numb.

It has been so quiet outside today. Overcast skies and no sun. I've had a horrible headache since Friday. It's even worse now. The universe must know that we are mourning today. Our lives have forever been altered, the course of our history changed...forever.

It's been 10 years now. A part of me died that day, and now I feel that another part of me has died all over again. The pain never goes away...

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Mystery Photo Sunday

It's time once again for Mystery Photo Sunday. Can anyone guess what this is?

For those of you that were wondering about last week's photo, check out the original below:

Our Hummingbird Feeder!!!

Good luck and I look forward to your answers!

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BFF 122 - Time Traveler

Doesn't everyone wish they could turn back time and go back to the past to fix something that happened? Why not try to make the situation better by doing something just a little bit different? I think about it all the time.

There are so many times I wish I could go back to a particular moment and start over. Would I end up here where I am today? Probably not. But what if I had done this? What if I had done that? What if I had chosen to do this? Or that? What if...what if...what IF...WHAT IF...there are just so many "What Ifs" my head is reeling!

What if my birth mom decided not to have me at all...I wouldn't even be here! There would be no Susan. What if she had decided not to give me up...I wouldn't be here, married to my husband and living in California. My life would be completely different. Do I really want to go down this path? It gives me the chills thinking about it.

I believe in destiny. The "what ifs" have already been answered. The road already laid out for me. I am just trying to follow the path as best I can, without getting stuck too long in a pothole or go flying off a cliff, never to return. There are going to be bumps along the way (see my previous posts, One Year Ago and The Fork in the Road) but I guess that is what makes life so interesting...I think?!?

The past is what has made me. The present is here and the future is...well, it depends on how I live in the present. I make my own future. I am who I am and that is all that I can be.

Now, I am just happy to be here...with you.

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One Year Ago...

...I was crying in my room. Crying over wasted time. Crying as I watched my career go down in flames. Crying because I was such a fool.

Subconsciously, I knew things were not right. I got hints of it in mid-2009 when I came back from a much needed, and for the first time ever taken, two week vacation. Things were great before I left...I should have known. Nothing is ever that perfect! When I returned, the storm hit and sent me flying. All I could do was hang on hoped that the storm would be short-lived.

It wasn't.

The only way to survive this mess was to figure out what I was going to do with the rest of my life. Faced with the prospect of no future at the job that had once promised me everything, I now had to take matters into my own hands. I had to come up with a plan.

The hardest part of putting together a plan is actually taking the first step. It's one thing to say you're going to do something, but to actually do it...well, that's a whole other story. So, I did what any intelligent, administrative professional would do...I picked up a pen and started to write.

It was slow at first, but then the words flowed out of me like magic. They wouldn't stop. I wrote down ideas, made lists and organized my "stuff" all the while wrapping my head around the prospects of a completely different future. I really had no idea where this was all going to end up, but the mere thought of doing something completely different than what I was doing...well, that was completely exhilerating!

I kept everything quiet until I was sure it was going to work out. It was a good thing, because the "career" I thought I had was slipping away and on the outside, I was devasted. I made sure everyone around me knew it too. If I was going to go down in flames, I was going to make a lot of noise. Inside, however, I was leaping for joy because I finally able to release something inside of me that had been waiting for a very long time to come out and play with the rest of the world.

When I was finally pressed about what I was going to do, I casually hinted my intentions. I don't think anyone was surprised. In fact, I was really excited about my prospects. I had finally formulated a plan that was going to pick me back up and lead my down a new path that I had never dreamed I would actually embark.

The plan has evolved over the last year and I have added some exciting new dimensions that could really add up to something. I no longer cry over what I lost. In fact, I am grateful for what happened. While I was really angry for a long, and I do mean long time, I can only say that if it hadn't happened, I would probably not be sitting here this afternoon writing this to all of you.

The transistion period from the old life to this new life was probably the worst. I was sad and confused and wishing for what was instead of being excited about the new "day". It took a long while, about nine months in fact, to finally smile again.

Isn't that interesting?

One year ago things seem so bleak. But during these last nine months, I've planted, nourished and given birth to a whole new me.

I'm not crying as least not over the wasted time. Because you see, the time really wasn't wasted after all. It was all a part of the plan to get me to this day. My career hasn't really gone down in flames, it just has gone in a new direction. Albeit, I didn't expect it to go this way, but when does anything ever go the way you plan. And, best of all, I am no longer a fool; I am just a whole lot wiser. I no longer count on others to make things happen for me. I make things happen for myself. I make my own choices and I listen to my inner self.

Right now, life is good,

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BFF 121 - Time of the Season

I love the last four months of the year...well actually, I love it from the point of my anniversary/birthday in late August, through the change of the leaves in Fall all the way to the end of the year. The older I get the more I seem to love it.

Now you may wonder why this time of year? Why not pick Spring, Summer, or perhaps, those cold months of January, February and March? There is, really, nothing wrong with any of these times of year. Winter is a time of hibernation for me, Spring is sowing and rebirth and Summer is for growth. Fall for me is the time for harvest. Preparing the bounty we've planted in the Spring, cultivated all Summer, and then stocking it up for those long, cold months of Winter.

I also use these last months of the year to share with family and friends. To give of oneself, without thought of anything in return, is one of the greatest things to help fill up the coufers of my soul to sustain me thru my winter hibernation. It fills me with hope and joy and peace. My rest period is nothing short of tranquil.

So my friends, welcome to my Time of the Season. I am busily harvesting and preparing the bounty. I hope you are doing well and that you are enjoying your own harvest. It's a beautiful time of the year.

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

BFF 120 - The Colours of My World

There are so many things that bring colour to my world...where to begin...

1. My husband Edward...without him, I just don't know where I would be. He is my biggest supporter and helps in countless ways.

Let's see...he cooks, he fixes my computer every time I break it, he cooks, he buys me stuff without asking for it, he takes care of me when I am sick, he cooks, he puts up with all of my quicky habits, he lets me write and occasionally collaborates with me, he cooks and he encourages my hobbies. He cooks...oh, sorry!

Did I say he can cook? Thank goodness, because we'd starve if I had to do the cooking in this house. He is sooo talented in that department!

I have a limited number of photos of him, but these are some of my favorites of Edward surfing at Pismo Beach!

We love coming to here as the waves are less intense and the people are so friendly. A quirky beach town, but that is what I love about it. This is probably one of the last vintage California beach towns.

The food is awesome, the people are great, we have peace and quiet whenever we're here. This is the place for us to go when we need to decompress.

So what else colors my world...

2. I have some very dear friends. I can count them on a single hand. These are the type of friends that would do anything for matter what. They are always there for me whenever I need them. We may not talk every day or every month for that matter, but I know that if I need them they'll be here.

3. My family, including my parents and brother and sister-in-law. I may not be living nearby, and we are all getting older, but we are there for each other, but I love them all.

4. The arts ~ music, theater, movies, books and writing. I've combined this into one topic because it would take forever to list all the reasons why each of theses colours my world in more ways than I can count. But I can say this...the arts feed my soul, breathing life into me at every turn. It soothes woos me...brings me comfort in this sometime upside down and completely crazy world.

5. Flowers...delicate...beautiful...wonderful flowers. All I have to do is look outside and I see this...

This beauty was taken by Edward, the #1 colour of my life.

Keep on colouring...

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