Monday, November 14, 2011

Surprises (or A Hint to My Husband)

Oh how lovely it would be
to have a surprise bestowed upon me.

I never wish for a single thing,
so when it happens I will sing.

It will not matter the time of day,
as long as I can go outside and play.

I’d love for it to be bright and shiny
and I will promise you that I won’t be whiny.

 So this Christmas please give me one thing,
a tiny little surprise that carries a lot of bling.

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***I have written this piece for a group on Facebook that I joined, GBE 2: Blog On. This is week #26 and the topic is Surprises. Interested in on the picture below to take you there.


  1. Oh what can it be that Susan wants?? You better be more direct than this lovely little ditty if you want a man to figure it out! lmbo
    Very cute.

  2. Ha! Loved this! I've gone so far as to tear out an ad from a magazine, write "This would make a great gift for the mother of your children!" on it, and put it on my hubby's nightstand a few weeks before Mother's Day. :O)

  3. I hope he gets the hint.


  4. Awesome!! I got the message loud and clear what you want for Christmas! LOL Hope you get it!!


  5. I loved this! Simplistic, light-hearted and yet direct. I think all men need that approach. lol!! Great job!

  6. Yep, a little gem

  7. Nice little hint there, Susan. Now all you need is for other half (or Santa) to read this piece!