Saturday, October 13, 2012

BlogFEST 2012 - Autumn Joy

Cool, crisp nights and warm days. 
Ideal conditions...oh how I praise!
Time to let loose and finally relax,
take off those tight and uncomfortable slacks.
 'Cause it's finally the season,
I don't need a reason.
To stay indoors,
 and open kitchen drawers.
Look through cupboards, where are those cups?
It's time to get started making our sups.
 Veggies and meat, ready for the oven,
the mixer's nearby, time for bread lovin'.
Stirring this way and that, I'm baking up a storm.
 Things are finally taking shape, it's a real art form.
Let loose with abandon it's not hot anymore.
Dinner's almost ready, not really a chore.

Falling leaves and fall flowers, 
It's all within thine own powers.
As autumn joy's kitchen treasures 
brings such rich and tasty pleasures.
 We pray and are proud of
this feast baked with love.
And secretly I give thanks,
because I put away my Spanx!

Wishing you moments of Autumn Joy!

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  1. I loved this!! You captured it--Autumn Joy! Excellent poem Susan :D

  2. Lovely poem. I am always more in the mood for cooking once the chill is in the air, although I really got into grilling this past summer. Finally figured out how to do it! It only took me 44 years to attempt it. LOL Great post!