Saturday, December 31, 2011

BFF #154 GOODBYE 2011~HELLO 2012

It’s time to say goodbye… goodbye to an old friend.

I followed that old road until the bitter end.

2011 was a year of changes and transitions.

Now I am here at the crossroads, time to make some admissions.

Needing a different direction, have to start something new.

So I turned around and bid adieu.

The storm has passed and I feel a little lighter.

The clouds are clearing and it’s starting to get brighter.

I made my decision and thanked God for this day.

Everything felt right, I am on my way.

The sun is rising and the view is amazing.
My heart is soaring and I feel like praising!

Now it’s a new day and a new year.

My soul is free and it’s all so clear.

Hello 2012 I am so happy you’ve arrived.

The possibilities are now endless, I am so happy…I survived!

It's time to put an end to the pain and strife.

I'm ready to become the Queen Of My Own Life!

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  1. How lovely!!! And positively uplifting!!!
    HUGZZZZZ!!! for the New Year!

  2. great poem for 2012, susan... happy new year... Yahweh bless

  3. Love this - and wish you all the very best for this New Year!

  4. I hardly think of 2011 as a friend. She graduated my youngest and made us empty nesters, took my old dog, and made my job more stressful. Good Riddance! I hope 2012 is better for all.


  5. Nice poem, Susan! Best wishes to you in 2012!

  6. Love this! Too cute!
    Happy New Year, Susan!

  7. Perfectly perfect my friend! So well done.

  8. This is so well written--Happy New Year Indeed!