Saturday, October 22, 2011

Take Me to the Movies

I rarely go to the movie theater. It has to be something really big in order for me to go. So what constitutes big? Well, the whole Harry Potter phenomena for one. And before that, I think I saw all the Santa Clause movies with Tim Allen.

Now, I scour the entertainment news looking for interesting flicks that I want to see and wait for them to arrive on tape…no wait…DVD…oh…now it’s Blueray. Whew!!! Thank goodness for technology. I have worn out many a tape because when I find a movie I like a lot, I tend to watch it over…and over…and over…and over…well, you get the picture.

I thank the Lord every day for the invention of the DVD player (and microwavable popcorn)!

Now, I own more movies than I can count on two hands (time to do another inventory!), and on a variety of topics including:

• Holiday Movies – Halloween & Christmas
• Family
• Girl Movies
• Classic Films
• Comedies
• Dramas
• Disney/Pixar Cartoons

I have so many favorites that I just can’t pick one. All are really important to me as I have found some sort of inspiration in each and every one of them. They speak to me during times of sadness, happiness, weakness and strife. And without them, I would be lost.

I don’t like scary movies, but oddly enough, I really enjoy watching things blow up! Lethal Weapon 2 happens to be one of my favorites in that category. I love the exploding toilet scene!

Some of my best stories stem from the movies I watch. Someday I will share them with you. But for now, I write…

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  1. My favorite is "A Christmas Story" -- you'll shoot your eye out kid-- that line makes me laugh every time :)

  2. Lethal Weapon II was awesome. I do enjoy movies of all genres except horror.

    Cheers, Jenn

  3. Great blog. I too found it extremely hard to pick one to write about because I LOVE so many!! I am with you on the Harry Potter series and the Santa Clause movies. I love those too!!


  4. The Harry Potter books were even better than the movies, but the movies were good too.


  5. I'm like you, Susan - I like so many movies that I can't decide which I'd choose as my favourite. And I don't like scary ones either!

  6. yes, I say no thank you to scary movies too. My imagination is intense enough!