Friday, October 7, 2011

Walking Away and Moving On

Each week, I am more and more challenged by these topics as they open up another window into my life. I’ve already told you so much. I worry that the more I reveal myself, the less my writer friends will want to read what I have to say.

I am afraid.

I shouldn’t be as some of the comments I’ve received have been wonderful and uplifting. It makes me believe I am on the right path to becoming the true writer and author that I want to be.

I’m still afraid.

The opportunities presented to me in OneStopBlogWorld are endless as they allow me to write whatever I feel that fits the theme. Should I keep it light and funny to let everyone see the humorous and silly side of me? (Seriously, there are some really funny moments I could recount.) Or, should I reach down into the inner depths of my soul, sift through the decaying remnants of ancient heartaches and purge them so they stop trying to rip thru my subconscious and disturb my new found peace?


I’ve walked away from numerous things. Explosive situations - because I really hate confrontations and it always upsets me because I am the one that usually gives in; job opportunities – one in particular where I was really p.o.’d when I walked in on a Monday morning to find the entire contents of my desk dump onto the top of it. FYI…I promptly wrote my letter of resignation and threw it at the Office Manager and walked out. P.S. I didn’t have anything lined up and I was out of work for a month. Not a good plan, but I was fed up. I walked away from my family knowing that I probably would never return to the home state where I was born. I’ve been back twice in 19 years. I also knew that if I hadn’t, I would have never had a life. I love my family, but sometimes you got to do what you’ve got to do.

There is one really big “thing” that I have walked away from, but I am not ready to talk about it. It is one of a few very painful parts of my life. I…wait…no. I can’t. Not…yet…

I’m really afraid.

What I will say is that my mom, God Bless Her, basically told me to walk away.

So...I walked away and once again, I’m moving on.

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  1. I think the heart should share what the heart needs to purge. I love getting to know you and so far, you haven't scared me off! :)
    Keep writing Susan, it's so good for the soul.
    Nicely done.

  2. (((SUSAN!))) Please don't be afraid! I love reading your posts!! I think writing in many ways can be very therapeutic. And yes, it is scary putting some stuff out I'll just say--write about anything you desire--as long as you you are comfortable doing so. Part of what makes our blogging community great--is that we are here to support one another. <3

    Oh and I love that song you posted here!

    Cheers, Jenn.

  3. Writing is good for the soul and is very healing. Nothing you have ever said has scared me. It has helped me really let some issues go once and for all instead of bottling it all inside. Maybe you don't want to put it out there, but maybe someone else out there is going through the same thing and may be comforted to know they are not alone. There is no law in writing saying you have to put it out there. Write for yourself for healing and save it on your computer, or write and delete it. Either way you slice it you will have gotten whatever is eating you off your chest and will feel better for it. :D I always love reading what you write. Keep in mind, it is OK to be scared.


  4. The fact that you continue, even when afraid, is a testament to your strength. Being the person we really are isn't always easy--there are so many outside influences that would like to contain our spirits, so those who manage to keep moving forward and continue to strive to live their own lives have my admiration. You have my admiration.

  5. Yikes, Susan. While understandable (I suppose, not knowing what the circumstances were), it's horrible to think that whatever it is that you walked away from, however long ago it was, still causes you so much angst. I feel for you, my friend. I think you probably know that the people who follow your writing support you 100%. I know I certainly do. When you are ready to share, I -- and I daresay the rest of us -- will "have your back." Your writing is gripping and engaging. Unless you say something like, "I hate every single one of my readers. They're all jerks," I'm confident that we won't forsake you. :-)

  6. When I started my blog, I didn't want to write about me, but I've found, in just the couple of weeks I've been doing this blog, that I can't help but put me out there. There's the old saying to write what you know, so what do we know better than ourselves, right? But, I agree, sometimes it's scary to put some things out there.

  7. I think you revealed some interesting aspects about yourself in this post and I want to read more about you. I think you are a wonderful writer ...

  8. It's very true that sometimes you have to walk away in order to move on. And, while writing can be therapeutic, there are some things in one's life that you're not willing (not not yet able) to share. I'm sure we can all empathatise with that.