Monday, April 16, 2012

Nobody's Perfect...

...including me.

I have flaws,
 I have quirks,
 and little idiosyncrasies.

I make mistakes.

 I drop things.
 I run into walls.
 I stumble and fall.

I get bruises.
I have feelings that sometimes get hurt.
I cry, sometimes for no reason.

I bleed.

I'm not tall.
I'm not thin.
I have curves.

I'm not blond.
I don't have flawless skin.
 I am not pretty by model standards.

I'm not popular.
I'm invisible.

Nobody's perfect.
I'm imperfect.
 I'm okay with that.

All these things make up who I am.
I am not about to change just to fit in.

I am unique.
I am special.
I am just me.

Take me as I am,
because nobody's perfect.

I am participating in the Blogging from A-Z Challenge for April 2012. Today's post is for the letter N.

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  1. Perfect would be terribly dull. And impossible. Even Barbie is not perfect. Her legs are too long

  2. This is wonderfully perfect... I can so relate! Great post. Jenn

  3. This is wonderfully perfect... I can so relate! Great post. Jenn

  4. I adore this! Bravo for you, Miss Susan! :0)

    And to all us imperfect creatures...

  5. Yes you are Susan!
    You are unique.
    You are special.
    You are just you.

  6. One of the things I've realized, is we all strive to be better, trying to be perfect, but when we meet someone who appears to be perfect? Instant dislike. We either resent her, or assume she's a phony - so why would we want to be that?

    Like your imperfect self.

  7. Perfection would be so boring (and kind of annoying). You might now be perfect, but I think you're perfectly wonderful.

  8. Great - and the important thing to remember is that everyone could write similar things about themselves. As you say, nobody's perfect (even though some may pretend they are!)

  9. I love this, and can see so much of me in it. Beautifully written, this poem touched my heart.


  10. Very insightful and well expressed. Thank you for sharing this - a piece so many can relate to.